Queering Yoga is a documentary about the Queer/Trans/QTPOC yoga movement for healing, self-acceptance, self-discovery, and empowerment. The documentary explores the intersection of Queer/Trans/QTPOC identities and the burgeoning tradition of yoga through the lens of decolonizing yoga. Participants share their stories of personal transformation and healing through yoga. Queer/Trans/QTPOC filmmakers along with Queer/Trans/QTPOC yoga teachers are creating a film about our community, by the community and for it!

Queering yoga” means queering the yoga practice (not the people or participants). “Queering”  as in making a binary, hetero-normative and culturally-appropriated spiritual fitness practice work for us as LGBTQIA spectrum people, as well as bringing cultural sensitivity, acknowledging access, oppression, the origins of yoga and how POC folks feel entering a space that is largely straight, white, upper/middle class, cisgender and female. We are stretching/queering yoga to include a lot of people, not simply queer identities.

Some Questions that Are Explored in Queering Yoga

What is the intersection of Queer/Trans/QTPOC identities and yoga? 

How can yoga benefit the lives of Queer/Trans/QTPOC people?

What does empowered and embodied visibility look like for the Queer/Trans/QTPOC communities?

What does it mean to decolonize one’s yoga practice?

How IBegan

As a Queer/Trans individual, I’ve been practicing yoga and meditation for over 12 years. I’ve been inspired to create Queering Yoga! This documentary arose from my own personal growth and healing path. I feel it’s important for Queer/Trans/QTPOC individuals to have a practice to connect with themselves and with a welcoming and safe community that is rooted in healing, authenticity, self-love, personal growth, empowerment, and integration. Any oppressed individual and/or group needs that. Especially the Queer/Trans/QTPOC communities. I have a personal calling to share the stories of Queer/Trans/QTPOC yoga teachers and the intersection of their identities and yoga. To showcase the growing Queer/Trans/QTPOC yoga communities. We need examples of access, safe-space, healing, and community from empowered perspectives.

As the Producer/Director of Queering Yoga, Ive been actively working on the documentary with a wonderful team of Queer/Trans/QTPOC crew members and one ally since May 2015.

So far weve filmed five powerful interviews of amazing and dynamic participants who have riveting stories they have shared with us.

We are currently crowdfunding and applying for grants to continue with production. Our amazing and talented crew of professionals needs to be paid for their time and work on this project. Please contribute here if you are able: https://www.gofundme.com/zhuqpd4k

About Producer/Director, Ewan Duarte

Ewan Duarte is a professional writer, artist, educator, and award-winning independent filmmaker based in Portland, Or. Ewan holds his MFA in Cinema from San Francisco State University. Ewan has had an avid yoga and meditation practice for over 10 years. His prior films Spiral Transition (2010) and Change Over Time (2013) have won awards and screened in more than 140 film festivals worldwide such as Frameline, BFI London LGBT Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival, Rhode Island International Film Festival, Oslo LGBT Film Festival, Melbourne Queer Film Festival, Gender DocuFilm Festival in Roma, Hamburg International Queer Film Festival, Polari Film Festival in Austin, TX, and many more! His articles have been published in LILIPOH Magazine, Original Plumbing Magazine, IndieWIRE, The Huffington Post, FTM Magazine, Manifest: Transitional Wisdom On Male Privilege, and the Chelsea Station. . You can check out his website here: www.ewanduarteproductions.com

You can view Ewan Duarte’s prior two films here:

Spiral Transitionhttps://vimeo.com/34146537

Change Over Timehttps://vimeo.com/66785175


Asher Jelinsky. Associate Producer

Avery Hudson. Director of Photography

Gwen Park. 1st A.C., Web Designer, and Videographer

Ericka Sokolower-Shain. 2nd A.C.

Gavin Murray. Gaffer

Christine Dumke. Sound Recordist

Lauretta Molitor. Sound Recordist

Pablo Vivas. PA

Hannah S.P. PA

Lanz Travers. Logo Designer, Graphic Designer

Mel Reiff-Hill. Graphic Designer

Community Advisory Board

We are currently in the process of inviting diverse individuals from the community to be a part of the Community Advisory Board for Queering Yoga. The intention is so that each individual on the board can express their voice and input regarding Queering Yoga, and support the overall vision and creation of the film.